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1st Critique (Sorry if it's too brief or repetitive) I'll be honest, the new hairstyle makes Belle look like a character from Sailor Mo...


<ShadowStar689>so..............:headbang: SUPER MARIO-HO RPG!!!!!!!
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Was pretty good.
<ShadowStar689>I just wanna see more Geno
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>I think I like Thousand Year Door a little bit more, though.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>I heard Square still has him.
<funnyguy97>Shit thousand year door was the game of my childhood, wish i had mario rpg tho
<ShadowStar689>They do but he's like banjo and kazooie as in there not doing anything with him and he was better of with Nintendo
<ShadowStar689>My favorite (although I never legitley owned it) Mario RPG is Superstar Saga hands down
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Oh man.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>That game was long as fuck.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Like it's own miniature epic that just kept going.
<ShadowStar689>I find the sequel the be the longest in the series
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>That's the one I missed, actually.
<ShadowStar689>Partners in Time was the black sheep in the bunch because first off instead of bros. moves and points you had to buy bros. items
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>I remember really liking Bowser's Inside Story.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>And I remember be really super just kind of okay with Dream Team.
<ShadowStar689>My Second favorite M&L game. Dream team is third.
<ShadowStar689>my favorite Paper Mario is the first
<funnyguy97>I remember my Partners in Time cartridge survived the washing machine three before being destroyed the fourth time
<funnyguy97>I was a dumb kid i guess
<ShadowStar689>My Partners in time somehow survived and didn't get vaccumed up
<funnyguy97>luckily they were resistant cause them cartridges are really easy to misplace
<ShadowStar689>My SM64DS rattles I think that's bad but it works just fine
<funnyguy97>let's hope it doesn't just die like that
<ShadowStar689>Strange thing happend to my Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon I put it on my dining table and went on trip for a couple of days I come back everything fine but dark moon wasn't in there
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Damn. That sucks.
<ShadowStar689>I never found it had to go buy another copy
<funnyguy97>it's the tiny goblins again
<ShadowStar689>And since I didn't put my save on my SD card I have to start over
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Dark moon was really good.
<ShadowStar689>At least I can still play online
<ShadowStar689>I think it would have been better of on a system
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>I could see that.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>I remember noticing how great the animation was on Luigi though.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>The way he emoted and reacted was weirdly charming.
<funnyguy97>In dark moon why did luigi go to another haunted mansion?
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>It wasn't by his own accord.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Basically they needed someone to suck up ghosts again.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>And they didn't want to refit the vacuum.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>So they just decided he'd do.
<ShadowStar689>Don't forget the annoying toad helpers
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>There's this whole thing going on with ghosts and toads.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>But Luigi definitely isn't there because he wants to be.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Which makes him all the more enduring.
<ShadowStar689>who would've thought someone could be more of a coward than Luigi
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Now all we need is Waluigi's Apartment: Bright Sun
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Where Waluigi walks around his studio apartment.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>And...mixes...wheat grass drinks.
<ShadowStar689>And Super Wario Moonshine
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Wario is on a business trip.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Though when you think about it...
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Every Wario game is him technically on a business trip.
<ShadowStar689>That or running a business
<ShadowStar689>Does he even still count as Mario's rival
<Prismblack91> Waluigi's Apartment: Bright Sun LOL
<ShadowStar689>He has to collect pieces of sunglasses so he can go outside
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>And they're all hidden in mundane places.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Like, under the couch or in his drawers.
<ShadowStar689>and that hard one to find is for some reason in the toilet
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>Waluigi has this perfectly functional upper-class studio apartment.
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>That happens to be owned by fucking Waluigi.
<ShadowStar689>Waluigi Studios!?
<kylene-Muffinface23>sorry i died
<ShadowStar689>So you're a Zombie or a ghost . LUIGI
<ShadowStar689>or the ghost busters
<ThaddeusMcBoosh>What an anomaly.
<kylene-Muffinface23>lol im both
<ShadowStar689>what about WaWaLuigi
<kylene-Muffinface23>now u sound like eridan
<funnyguy97>wouldn't that be normal luigi, or really deformed waluigi
<kylene-Muffinface23>same difference
<ShadowStar689>I knew someone would get it
<Prismblack91>there was gonna be a Wapeach
<ShadowStar689>But then they was like wait we got Daisy for that
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